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Our Story

Our Mission

meels combines the expertise of local chefs and nutritionists with wholesome, non-GMO, organic ingredients to deliver high-quality, healthy meals straight to your door. Our mission is simple: provide chef-curated food that takes care of you, customized to your schedule and lifestyle, so you can always be your best.

Our Standard

Recipe development is one of our favourite aspects of our business. All of the products made available through use the freshest ingredients possible, carefully selected for our kitchen. Adopting a farm to table approach, we are committed to safety, cleanliness and quality control practices when preparing your meals. To that effect, all of our food is prepared in our privately owned state-of-the-art ISO-9001, cGMP, and HACCP certified facility, and we never outsource our cooking, or kitchen!

Our Ingredients

We believe that where food comes from, is just as important as where it's going. Led by this philosophy, we take great pride in the wholesome, organic, farm-to-table ingredients that we source for every meal. Our menus include:
  • Wholesome or organic ingredients
  • Grass-fed Beef
  • Wild seafood
  • Antibiotic-free, locally sourced chicken
  • Non-GMO ingredients, no food additives