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Refer a friend

How does it work?
Good news travels fast... when you refer a friend to try out our services, they will save $10 off their first order. The best part? Once they finalize their purchase, your account will also be credited with $10. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal, right?
Where can I share my code?
Your code is meant to be shared privately amongst friends and family. As we do not want any codes to be 'spammed' online, any codes that are posted publicly online will be deactivated and any credits associated with that code will be revoked.
How will I know when my friends made an order?
Once you Create an account or Sign In, You will be able to track existing referral credits on this page.
I'm ready! How do I get credit for telling my friends?
Your referral code will become active once you have at least one order with meels! We do this to curb abuse abuse.
Can I keep creating my own new accounts, and just bank points and discounts?!
To eliminate abuse of the program, referral credits only work once per address. We occasionally do an audit of the system to make sure account information is up to date and correct and to remove any illegitimate accounts. We will remove accumulated credits and charge the difference on orders that received discounts from those that abuse the program.